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Your Store Discount Program printable card is here!

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Store Discount Program

SDP Account # 80127269923

Cardholder instructions:
For use in store only. Present card at checkout to access the SDP standard discount on certain product categories when you identify yourself as a program member. See reverse for details.

Cashier instructions:

  1. Select Customer Lookup (F1)
  2. Key in SDP Account # and select Accept (F7)
  3. Scan product
  • Purchases with this card do not qualify for Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards.

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Phi Kappa Phi, get discounted pricing with the Store Discount Program (SDP)

Shop at any Office Depot® or OfficeMax® store with the new SDP card.

What’s new?

  • The new SDP will no longer provide you access to your discounted contract pricing; however, you will now receive a standard discount on certain product categories when you present the card:
    • Office supplies
    • Technology
    • Breakroom
    • Furniture
    • Facilities
    • Coffee and water
  • If you currently have a Store Purchasing Card (SPC), you may continue to use it to access the new Store Discount Program, or you can update to the new SDP card.
  • If you have access to a mobile device, we encourage you to register online for the Store Discount Program and download our mobile app to access the discount at checkout in an Office Depot or OfficeMax store.

Please note: Account billing will no longer be available with the Store Discount Program.

Contact your account manager for more information:

Have questions or need help? Please contact customer care at 888.263.3423 for support.

The Store Discount Program is valid in store only. Payment for purchases made through the program must be made in store at time of purchase. Office Depot OfficeMax stores accept cash, check, most forms of credit cards, as well as touch-and-pay options (e.g., Apple Pay). Purchases made with the card do not qualify for Office Depot OfficeMax Rewards. The card cannot be combined with Office Depot OfficeMax coupons. The card is not valid for purchases of 1) computers, monitors, and printers; 2) clearance items; 3) performance protection plans/warranties; 4) postage stamps; 5) prepaid cards; 6) subscriptions; 7) tech services; and 8) third-party services.

Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.